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Tuni Points are Sound Therapy

Tuni Points balance Body Rhythms...…in Perfect Harmony

Are you a healer and have a servant’s heart? You can become the healer that you were meant to be!! 

Are you looking for a change in your life direction? 

Are you currently a health/spiritual/healing practitioner, looking for an additional technique to bring your clients relief and profound healing who wants to work smarter, not harder? 

I truly believe I have discovered something extraordinary that will soothe the ache of these questions, and your body.   

My name is Pat Schloe. These questions have led me to a more whole life, free of pain, and knowing that I am able to help others in a profound way. Let me tell you my story. 

I began my nursing career in 1970 as a nurse’s aide. I later received my LPN in 1972. At that time I was a single mom raising two children. I considered getting my RN degree; however, before I could, I discovered a new path that would change my life. I was introduced to the world of alternative healing.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am the type of woman who lives at full speed ahead. When I take on a task I commit all that I have. In my job as an LPN, I would occasionally go against what I knew was best for me and put my body at risk of injury.  One day as I moved a patient while in an awkward position, I hurt my back. It was a complete change in my life. 

The rest of the story

Welcome to Soundwaves 432


Why 432?

432 frequency explained...

I have used almost every frequency of tuning fork that exists and in multiple combinations in the last 10 years. However, it wasn't until I started exploring sacred geometry and Nicola Tesla that everything started to come together. 

This is what I found.

The world of tuning forks has been around since the early 1700s. Many great minds have explored the world of sound, frequency and vibration. In the last 400+ years these great minds have put together a multitude  of tuning forks geared to different uses.

The 528 set is one of the most common ones used and it is in tune with the frequency of the planet earth. I worked with it for years, and had very good results from it. However, there was always something missing. I felt I could get better results.

One day 3 years ago as I was studying the numerical frequencies of tuning forks and found it.  As I started putting the numbers together, it all made perfect sense. And as I studied further for about 18 months, I found the 432 is the closest natural frequency to our bodies.

Tuni’s are a combination of the 432 set of frequencies.  It is known as the “natural” frequency. However, I found that by adding one frequency outside 432- the 111, that made the Tuni's set of 7 a complete Binaural set of frequencies. When I put 2 together-I can create a binaural frequency — same as our brain waves-all 7 brain waves are within the set of 7 Tuni's. 

The concept of using these Tuni's on specific Ayurveda Points came from previous results using Acupressure points. It has been a great change to Ayurveda and results are fantastic. Ayurveda is over 5,300 years old. 

For those of you who like me are into the science, see the video below so you can further explore the history of Ayurveda and 432 frequencies with sacred geometry.  

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The Story of Tuni's


Once I had the concept of the Tuni’s, I wanted to address other issues  to make them available on the market. 

The stem: After working with standard tuning forks for over 10 years and teaching classes, the first change was length of the stem of the forks.  When one is using tuning forks  on clients, the shorter stems leave my hands cramped and tired. Tuni’s, with a 3 inch stem. Long enough to be comfortable for the hands, yet the perfect length to optimally deliver sound and vibration into the body.

Quality: Mass produced tuning forks can have rough edges  and heavier grade. Tuni’s are made in the USA of very high (aircraft grade) aluminum alloy making them lighter than the standard product. This higher quality aluminum alloy gives the Tuni’s a much higher quality vibration. The smooth edges of the Tuni’s are easy on the hands. Tuni’s come standard in beautiful anodized gem colors which makes them not only amazing tools but beautiful works of art. 

What is the point? Most tuning forks have a blunt end. While talking to an acupuncture colleague I became intrigued with the concept of the teishin. A teishin is an acupuncture tool that is used to stimulate acupuncture points without the use of needles. The actual “point” of the teishin is dull enough to be painless, however, because of the design; the point intensifies the power and frequency of the sound. Tuni’s are made with a teishin style point which delivers the sound precisely to the Ayurveda body points. 

My Tuni maker

After I had a mental blueprint of the Tuni’s, my energy switched to finding the perfect person to help me bring them to physicality. 

I searched for months, both locally and nationally without success. My first actual lead came from my friend, Ruth. However, it still took 7 more people to find my Tuni maker, John. 

Not only did he understand my vision, John has over 30 years in design and creation. He is a bio-med engineer who builds medical and aircraft parts as well as being a true artist. He helped me with some improvements that make the Tunis not only amazing tools but beautiful, high quality works of art that they are. Two years in the making and I couldn’t be more excited.


Unlocking the Magnificence of the 369

Proof Positive

Therapist Testimonials


Oh Pat, I think you did amazing. Your binder is wonderful and you explained the protocols very well. I always like your classes, But, yes I would love to learn more.  Thanks Pat!       EB

Hi Pat,  I want to thank you first off for manifesting my vision of tuning forks and the chakras. With out your wisdom, knowledge and perseverance I would not have a way to combine the 2.Thus far I have used the muscle/nerve forks on patients at the clinic and they seem to like them and see a difference. This morning was my first chance to use the chakra forks and practice with those using the protocol.  Sincerely,  SM

I wanted to recognize what an amazing job you did today. Your presentation was thorough, understandable, and interesting. The fact that you brought in willing clients who could speak to that method of massage and attest to its success was awesome as well. Thank you for everything; awesome job!   JS

Thank you so much for teaching us the basic Tunis. It was also good to meet everyone at the class and i hope to see you all again soon, hopefully at another class with Pat.

Thank you


Thx Pat for all you have done, do & will do for others' healing! Master Healer and teacher. It was so nice to meet all of you & spend the weekend learning about Tunis.   SL

I did try the forks on client yesterday and with constant circling did see muscles release quicker.  thanks LP

Client Testimonials


Good Morning Patricia,  Just an update about the treatment you gave me last Thursday. I would have to say I have had less pain and my walking seems more free. Thanks for the help and care that you give, I appreciate all the care I have received by your hands.  May God Bless You,     DJ

Thank you Pat- I feel better than I have felt for 3 years- the nerves are starting to wake up and not hurt the way they used to. I have more feeling in my feet and legs. This is great! DC

Pat- that was amazing- the best massage I have had in years! KM

I feel so much better with this - I want to see you more often and bring my husband- it lasts longer than any other  massage I have ever had. RC

This is the best massage ever- It has truly changed my health for the better- everybody should have this. KH

"Patricia, is able to work with people at a cellular level to help them make the subtle shifts to enrich their lives. The stress of life impacts our energy, way of being in the world, and how we treat ourselves and others. Patricia, amazing work helps us to balance our lives and remain ground in the midst of chaos. She is a valued resource and a passionate friend. "   FM

Hello and thank you so much for the massage last Thurs.  It was so interesting to learn about the tuning forks.   My husband was really disappointed I didn't bring home a tuning fork!!! His carpal tunnel wrists are very much in need of attention! So I loaned him my magnetic bracelets and told him to hang on! I'll bring home a tuning fork next time! Bless you in your endeavor to help others feel better,   MAL


Make the Choice, Join us, Change your Life

Benefits of the Tuni's

  • Innovative Universal inspired design based on the science of frequency, vibration and acupuncture.
  • Tuni's are set on the "natural" scale of the universe and physical body
  • Small batch craftsmanship
  • Made in the USA
  • Online, self paced learning
  • Live classes available

Licensed therapists

  • Cutting edge modality with full body protocol
  • Combine with existing protocol or use as a stand alone modality
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Start treating as you learn
  • 16 CEU's  available for massage therapists

Non licensed healers

  • Licensing not required in most states as disrobing is not required.
  • Great addition for Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Pastoral care, Reflexologists, Reiki practitioners, home and personal use
  • Start treating as you learn

Future access

  • New protocols
  • Teaching opportunities

Online Tuni classes

  • Lifetime access to video classes on an internet based teaching platform so you can take your education with you as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Printable PDF workbook of class instruction with all diagrams and photos to ensure full understanding to help you provide a complete beneficial whole body treatment.

  • Access to a live video webinar to ask all of your questions and see the techniques to make sure you are on track.

  • Ongoing video webinars that can be purchased separately after your initial one.

  • Access to a private Facebook group with access to the founder to get any questions answered.


Tuni Founder

Pat Schloe, Nurse Massage Therapist

Knowing nothing other than allopathic medicine at the time, I did the usual protocol for a back injury, Physical Therapy and prescription medication.  But the pain was constantly there- because the problem was still there.

I became afraid to move, let alone do my job. Sometimes the pain was tolerable, other times I was unable to do the simplest of tasks. 

Over time my back slowly felt better. I changed jobs, and it was about this time that I was introduced to alternative healing. I started learning as much as I could in my spare time. I became a clinical hypnotherapist, researched homeopathy and became a Reiki master. However, nothing seemed to fix my back while I was doing my nursing job.. 

At one of my many classes, looking for the answers, I met a massage therapist. She suggested that if I received regular massage treatments I might be able to keep my pain under control. I was excited! I didn’t just receive massage I became a massage therapist! 

She was right. Massage therapy was great at relieving my back pain without drugs, and I traded with every therapist I could. Soon after, I became busier healing others and ended up neglecting my health. 

This time traditional massage did not help. Luckily for me, I traded with a massage therapist friend of mine, and he introduced me to the world of tuning forks. 

Tuning forks are an amazing tool.  I felt blessed as this was the first time that I had a tool that I could personally use on myself that would take the pain away by relaxing the tight muscles from the inside out. 

I have now been using tuning fork therapy on myself and clients for over 14 years. I have proven to myself and thousands of clients in several years that, yes, they are truly effective. I have had countless clients come to me with debilitating pain, afraid to let me touch them and with minimal use of tuning forks their pain melted away. 

This could have been the end to my story, however, I started doing more in depth Alternative medicine research & the work of Nikola Tesla. When I read about his discoveries,  a whole new world of 432 frequency, vibration and improving health opened up to me. My research led me to this set of 432 Tuni’s working together with Ayurveda Massage Points.  

Using Tuni’s allowed me to help my clients and myself in new ways. It allows me to improve my client results using less strain on the body, therefore, improving quality of life. It is a win-win for everyone.

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